postheadericon Welcome to 2012! 2013 Announced 2013 will be in Canberra from 28th January to 2nd February, 2013 looking forward to seeing you all there! is in Canberra! 2012 under way! 2012 is off to a great start, with almost half the conference delegates already registered, and many settling in overnight to campus accommodation. Enormous thanks are due here to the dedicated and hard working team of Volunteers - whose efforts are greatly appreciated!

Live Streaming is now available!

Live Streaming is now available for those who are unable to join us on campus.

The link for the Streams are available at:


Monday will play host to eight Miniconferences - with much kudos due to the hard work of our Miniconf organisers.

Photo competition

The conference photo competition is now open! So shutterbugs, get your cameras a-clicking and you could win a fantastic prize! Please be sensible when taking snaps, and keep in mind the Discrimination and Anti-Social Behaviour part of the conference Terms and Conditions, and the Linux Australia Code of Conduct.

Voting for the best-of talk slots on Friday 20th

A minor change to the schedule for this year's conference is the comeback of the 'best-of' talk slots! This is an opportunity to hear a talk you found entertaining, enjoyable or generally fabulous - again! Vote wisely.